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Your student union

There are several different student unions at Uppsala University. These take care of different areas within the university and at these areas they represent the students. Find out which is your union below!


Uppsala Student Union

We are Sweden's oldest and Uppsala's largest union. A majority of Uppsala students are members of the Uppsala Student Union and our most important task is to strengthen the students' influence at Uppsala University. We appoint student representatives to the university's decision-making and preparatory bodies, and we help students who in some way need our support.


The Pharmaceutical Student Union

As a pharmacy student at Uppsala University, you have the opportunity to become a member of the Pharmaceutical Student Union (FaS), also called Farmis. Farmis was founded in 1896, since then we have looked after the interests of the students and created a great community among all pharmacy students. Your membership is important for us to be able to represent your voice towards the universities.


Gotland's Student Union Rindi

Gotland's Student Union Rindi is the student union for everyone on Campus Gotland. We combine union activities and social activities in one fantastic organization. As both the social context and the study policy organization, Rindi has a central role in the lives of Gotland students. You are welcome to Rindi Castle to discuss study-related issues, but also to have a quiet place for your studies. We have a café, a pub and a kitchen that are open for all students for them to have a gathering place. At Rindi, all students are welcome and we do everything to make you feel comfortable, safe and have as good a student life as possible on Campus Gotland!


Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN) is the student union for those who are studying engineering or sience at Uppsala University. Our purpose is to maintain student educational interests at the university, so that you can enjoy your studies and be able to take part in a high-quality education. We do this daily by voicing our students opinions towards the university, for example through meetings with the chancellor or handeling student cases regarding exams, syllabi and study environment. You can always contact UTN if you need help with study-related problems.


Uppsala Business & Economics Students Association

Uppsala Business & Economics Students Association maintains and improves the education for students at the Department of Business Administration, Economics and Statistics. Our doors are of course open to all students and we offer free membership at . As a member, you not only have access to our study monitoring but also our corporate events, parties, trainings, and free coffee if you visit our clubhouse Borgen on Kyrkogårdsgatan 2B.

JF-logga emblem klassiskBLACKPURPLE.png

Up­p­sala Law Stu­dent As­so­ci­a­tion

The Up­p­sala Law Stu­dent As­so­ci­a­tion ("JF") is the Nordic region's oldest law student association. We are the student union for you who are a law or land surveying student. We work to improve our education and provide study social and labor market-related activities such as gasques and first-year student week. At Jonte's cabin, our yellow union building, we sell the green team book cheaply, among other things.

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