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Good to know

As it can be a little tricky to know how to think before your first student representative assignment, UUFS has complied a handbook for you. It can be downloaded on this page along with other documents that can be good to have!


Handbook for student representatives

UUFS has compiled a handbook that makes it easier for our student representatives. Download by clicking on the file below!


The Higher Education Ordinance

Student representation in Sweden is statutory and this is stated in the Higher Education Ordinance. There are also other things that can be very useful to know there! Download by clicking on the symbol below.


The Student union


The student unions are regulated in the Student Union Ordinance. If you want to start your own union, it can be good to start there. Download by clicking on the symbol below.


The union and national 


In Uppsala, there are both nations and unions. In the spring of 2019, a report was released that went through how the organizations should work together. Download by clicking on the symbol below.

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